Browns Editions have perfected the art of doing the right thing by the work. The route of independent publishing can be fraught, few place aside ego and embark, with honest conviction. However, this house plies its craft with a voice that rallies for the delicious and salacious, the honest and the true: the whole picture rather than the crafty self-serving edit.

Founded in 2005, under the curatorial guidance of British artist Jonathan Ellery, Browns Editions is an independent publisher widely known for specialising in photography, art and conceptual art books that provoke, inspire and celebrate contemporary political and cultural mores.

Approaching every project with a fresh view in mind, rather than just documenting for archival purposes, each publication that the publishing house undertakes is different from the last. The house style, if there is one, is born of the thorny, needling, excavation of subject matter: interventionist, reflecting the anarchy in beauty and the rationale behind the artist’s voice.

Browns Editions don’t seek approval, but they find it. Theirs are not purely commercial products although, with over a decade of publications behind them and a raft of collaborating artists on board, they enjoy a place in publishing that is both ferociously independent and never belligerent or hectoring. This is intelligent and considered intervention.

Browns Editions ask us to stretch our understanding of the artists that they choose to collaborate with and, with them, we do.

Robert Urquhart